About Zebra’s And Such

They say no two zebras have the same stripe pattern. This should hardly come as a surprise, since there are other good examples of it unique – like stars, snowflakes and fingerprints. Why not customize designs in zebra coats?

I take a quick look at Wikipedia and read about why zebras have stripes that vary. It has been discovered that these patterns actually deters and used as camouflage, or even – strange – irritates the tsetse fly.

Any of these ideas could trigger discussion about how unique each zebra history. Note how the stripes on their rumps pulled together in a common pattern – like the stripes were ribbon threads are being gathered in a ponytail. Ever discovered it sooner? I’m sure I have not!

Just as no two zebras are alike, neither the writers or columnists. Styles are different experiences are different, messages are different -. But we carry with us one thing in common – the need-to build a good foundation in the craft of writing. You know the drill – good grammar, action words are not passive, sensory details.

We writers need to tie our different stories with the same craft wires. And like zebras need to practice their exercises, so we need to practice our writing skills.


I have also chosen the zebra as one of my photos on the front page for the entry to this page that is related to my main domain

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