English Pages V.4.0

The fact that my domain is a so- called com domain also indicates that globally at least one expects an English-language page. With the page english.grandts.com it is possible to separate it from my main domain (for now that is not the fact as this page is made in English) by selfish reasons and it is also a fact that my main language is Danish, which makes it easier for me as a person to keep the pages updated.
I have as such no major problems with the English language but it is always easier to update in your own language. Therefore, I have an English language site on a sub domain http://english.grandts.com this has existed for over three years now and is quite well attended.
I have the great good fortune that there are many English speakers who visit my pages. And I’m obviously very happy that I can attract more than a Danish audience to my pages. Therefore, I have made the English side for years both due to my domain is a com domain and that there are many English speaking among.
The site runs on WordPress with at Theme called Moon, original made for Photographers but i made it as an portfolio for some of my work enjoy!

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Everyone rises to their level of incompetence. Laurence J. Peter, “The Peter Principle”
American teacher and writer (1919 – 1988)

» I en organisation forfremmes enhver op til sit inkompetence niveau. «

Media er også en del af det at være online, med den hurtige udvikling der sker med internettet er det væsentligt også at kunne skille sig ud fra mængden! En af metoderne til at brande sig selv anderledes kunne være en video intro. Dette projekt er kun et enkelt eksempel se flere her på siderne…

 Turn on your speakers! If you want a better Media experience, then both Sound & Music are one of the important elements that are included in my Adobe After Effects projects.