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Why i made this

Why i made this

Just because i can, or maybe rather can’t help my self stop doing design I live an breath for good design as one part of my life. It’s like having children you want them to improve there capabilities. So i started early  in the late 90′ties with an interest in design ,layout HTML etc. Now in the so called “old days” of web design it virly wasn’t that funny, never the less I’ve succeeded in making good old school html pages and kept the interest up to now, that is why this domain exist.

Tim Berners-Lee was the primary author of html, assisted by his colleagues at CERN, an international scientific organization based in Geneva, Switzerland. Tim Berners-Lee is currently the Director of the World Wide Web Consortium, the group that sets technical standards for the Web.


Good design is obvious, Great design is transparent

…My hope:

I hope you might find something on my pages that will inspire you to make design or even make your very own homepage like i made mine, it’s great fun and you will learn as you go along. Best regards John Grandt.

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